Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part D is a Medicare prescription drug coverage. These plans are available from private companies. Medicare requires and approves the plans offered. You will get a monthly premium for the Part D plan you choose. You may decide not to sign up for a Part D policy, but please be aware that you are […]

Pay your hospital and medical expenses with Medicare

Medicare covers 80% of your hospital and medical expenses, but there are still two other health insurance and Medicare part D plans needed. For the purposes of this article, suppose you already have your Medicare plan. So the next question is, what next? Medicare was easy, mainly because there is only one place where you […]

Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plan

Remember that your Medigap policy will not work if you have the Advantage plan; therefore, you may want to leave it, even if it is your choice.┬áThere are many things to consider when deciding what type of health care coverage you want for yourself and your family, and most importantly, if you want to combine […]

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Open and Short Enrollment

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Open and Short Enrollment Medicare Advantage plans are another way to receive Medicare benefits. Medicare benefit plans substitute the original Medicare Part A and B benefits covered by a private insurance company. Most Advantage plans offer additional coverage to be competitive. For example, many help with glasses, dental services, hearing aids […]